Wellness Treatment.

Claire Grullemans

Wellness Treatment

You don’t need to be sick to see Claire for wellness treatment. Maybe you have allergies, digestive troubles, hormonal irregularities, insomnia, stress or anxiety.

There are many factors that can affect your wellbeing:
– Diet and nutrient intake
– Health of your digestive system
– Your daily stress levels
– Occupation
– Relationships
– Medications
– Sleep

When one of these factors is out of balance, your general level of wellbeing decreases. Naturopathic and nutritional treatment can easily help these areas of your health and wellness. By making changes to the foods you eat, and your attitude towards food, you can take control of your health and feel better.

Signs my body is out of balance

Many tests can be done to identify problem areas. Testing, alongside with a thorough investigation and case history taking, Claire can help find the root cause of some of your problems. Your allergies might actually be related to your digestive health. Alternatively your digestive symptoms may be a food intolerance that has been undiagnosed.

One common way to improve your wellness is to do a detox, however it is always better under the care and guidance of a practitioner who can monitor your progress.
Claire offers 2 week, 4 week, and 6 week detox programs for her patients depending on their symptoms, and perceived levels of toxicity.

Answer these questions below to see if you are a candidate for a detox program:

  1. Most of the food I eat is organic or pesiticide free (T/F)
  2. I eat 1-2 serves of fruit per day (T/F)
  3. I eat 5 or more serves of fresh (not frozen) vegetables every day (one serve = 1 small handfull) (T/F)
  4. I never or rarely eat junk or fast food (T/F)
  5. I drink less than 4 standard alcoholic drinks per week (T/F)
  6. I wake up feeling energised and refreshed each morning (T/F)
  7. I mainly drink filtered water (T/F)
  8. I very rarely eat tinned food (baked beans, tuna, salmon, tomatoes, chickpeas etc.) (T/F)
  9. I never use recreational drugs (T/F)
  10. My skin is clear without blemishes, dryness, eczema, psoriasis, tinea etc. (T/F)
  11. I do not get headaches/migraines (T/F)
  12. I do not suffer from allergies or migraines (T/F)
  13. My family does not have any history of cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease (T/F)
  14. There is no mucous of blood in my stools (T/F)
  15. I do not get any bloating, flatulence, reflux, indigestion (T/F)
  16. I do not get constipation or diarrhoea (T/F)
  17. I do not get thrush (candida) (T/F)
  18. I have not had any antibiotics in the last 5 years (T/F)
  19. I have not had regular exposure to pollution from a main road (my home is on a quiet street away form traffic, I don’t walk or cycle to work, and I don’t work outdoors near busy traffic) (T/F)
  20. I don’t eat food from plastic containers, and especially do not heat them in the microwave (T/F)
  21. I do not have trouble losing weight (T/F)

Now after reading these questions tally up your true/false:

False < 5 you’re in the clear and generally have low toxicity levels
False 5-10 you could benefit from a 2-4 week detox to reset your system.
False 11-21 you would feel great after doing a 6 week detox wellness treatment.

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