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Your wellbeing refers to your body’s emotional, physical, and mental state. When we have symptoms that cause us pain, discomfort, or stress, we refer to ourselves as being un-well or sick. To keep everypart of your body well, you need to provide it with adequate nutrition, exercise, water, and enough rest. Now these things may sound easy enough to do, but many of us have one or more areas which are creating dis-ease in our body.

Adequate nutrition

Adequate nutrition means providing your body with the recommended daily intake of macro and micro nutrients. A balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates is something that many people have problems with. I believe you should have very minimal carbohydrates in your diet, and no refined carbohydrates as these lead to insulin resistance, obesity, infertility, and many other life threatening diseases. Micronutrients are all of your essential vitamins and minerals. Our body gives us signs and signals when these micronutrients are lacking.
For example, I had a patient recently with the following symptoms: eye twitching, disrupted sleep patterns, leg cramps, and sugar cravings. These symptoms are tell tale signs that the diet is lacking in magnesium. And do you know where we get most of our bioavailable magnesium from? Leafy green vegetables.
Giving your body adequate nutrition is essential to your wellbeing.


Exercise is something we all know we should be doing, but for many of us our favourite tv show, or catching up for a drink with friends after work sounds far more appealing. Unfortunately these are the types of reasons our nation is becoming obese. Obesity is now the worlds largest disease killing men, women, and children, in our western world. To think that if we all just factored in 150 minutes of our week (1 week = 10 080 minutes) which in perspective is very reasonable, we could actively be reducing mortality rates around the world. The best thing about exercise is how great you feel during and after. You actually release endorphins which make you feel happy!


Water in our homes, work places, parks, and shops is a privilege that many countries do not have. When people come in to my clinic with problems like constipation I ask them “How much water do you drink?”, when they respond with “umm… I don’t really like water, I prefer to drink tea or coffee” it is the first thing to change. Our body’s are made up of roughly 70% water. If we don’t provide our cells with what they need we are going to get sick. Obese people can have as little body water as 45%, which will dramatically effect every cell in their body. I believe, if we have access to water, drink it, every day 2 litres if you can, sometimes more, but never less.


Rest is essential to our well being. If we aren’t sleeping well our mood can be terrible, our concentration will be effected, and many biochemical process we need to stay well, will be inhibited and it will be hard for our body’s to function the way they need to. There have been many studies performed on humans to see the effects of sleep deprivation on all human functions. Digestion becomes erratic, weight gain occurs, and depression becomes a problem. To improve your wellbeing, you need to focus on your sleeping patterns. Rest is best.

Once these four areas are balanced you will find your general health improves remarkably.

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