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I do everything I can to look after my body, eat well, exercise, sleep for 8 hours per night, and minimise my exposure to dietary and environmental toxins. Why? Because I want to feel good every day! And this is what I want for my patients. I don’t want them feeling uncomfortable every day with digestive problems or stress and anxiety which effects their sleep. Wellness is probably one of the most under-rated areas of medicine- Keeping you well and preventing you from getting sick.

When my patients have finished their regular appointments I still see them every 3-6 months to check in and make sure they are still feeling great! There are always new foods to introduce into the diet, new recipes to try out, and various lifestyle adjustments to make. Do your self a favour and invest in your well-being.



To keep your mind and body well, we need to provide it with adequate nutrition, exercise, water, and provide it with enough rest. Naturopathy and Nutrition are two health professional areas that focus on wellness.

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Wellness Treatment

Claire can help identify the cause of the problem with systematic testing and dietary analysis. It is possible there may be essential nutrients lacking in your diet like essential fatty acids, magnesium, calcium and zinc.

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Avoiding processed foods which contain high amounts of sugar, preservatives, and other additives will promote faster recovery and have you feeling and looking better than ever. Learn about nutrient-dense wholefoods.

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I am always happy to have a confidential discussion about your health concerns or simply explain more about my consultation process or the benefits of naturopathy.

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    Claire Grullemans - Naturopathy and Nutrition: Weight loss, fertility and wellness