Sustainable Weight Loss.

Claire Grullemans

Sustainable Weight Loss

Having a naturopath customise an eating plan for you really is the best way to promote sustainable weight loss. There may be foods you are eating on a regular basis that are stopping you from losing weight (eg. artificial sweeteners).
A personalised treatment takes into consideration the following:

 –  your favourite foods
 – foods you don’t like
 – your work/life balance
 – your social life
 – your financial situation
 – your cultural heritage and the foods your ancestors ate
 – your symptoms and health conditions

Personalised Treatment Plan

Part of every personalised treatment plan includes the following:

1. Keeping well hydrated with 2-3 litres of filtered water daily.
2. Cut sugar out of the diet 100%. This is an integral part of every weight management plan, and also key to promoting healthy fertility levels.
3. Eating good quality organic protein every day. A balance of vegetarian and animal protein is important for your metabolism to function at its optimal levels.
4. Having fermented foods in the diet will encourage healthy bowel flora, which will continually support your body’s ability to metabolise fat and carbohydrates.
5. Consuming a wide range of organic vegetable and fruit daily, I encourage you to aim for 9 serves of fresh vegetables daily, and 1-2 serves of fruit.
6. Avoid all trans fats; these are deep fried foods, packaged goods, vegetable oils which are damaging to your cells.
7. Maintain a gluten free and mostly grain-free diet to ensure your digestive system is working effectively


How many appointments do I need?

Weekly appointments for the first 2 months are highly advisable for weight loss patients. This will ensure attention to detail with your dietary changes and the close monitoring of your measurements and weight changes. After the initial 2 months appointments can be spread out fortnightly or monthly. Your weight loss journey will include;

  • High grade practitioner only supplements (to enhance various detoxification processes)
  • Diet diary analysis (which requires you to keep accountable with your food)
  •  Various medical testing (full blood count, blood pressure, blood sugar checks)
  •  Nutrient analysis (to identify any deficiencies in the diet)
  • Weekly check-ins with positive encouragement what ever the results
  •  24 hour text message service (kept confidential between you and Claire)
  • Regular email support (including recipes, local farmers and producers of healthy organic produce)

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