Weight Loss.

Weight Loss with Claire Grullemans

Assisting people on their weight loss journey is exciting and interesting for me as a naturopath and nutritionist. I love to see my patients succeed as the weight starts to drop off and learn about the nourishing qualities of good food. I guess it comes from my love of cooking, eating out, and learning about different cultures and cuisines.

It can be challenging when we get to a road block and the weight loss comes to a halt, but this allows me to become more creative in my approach, which patients normally enjoy anyway – NO FAD DIETS!

One of my biggest success stories is not necessarily the patients that have lost 30 kilos (although that is a huge achievement), it’s more those who have made healthy eating, part of their daily life and managed to maintain it. Working with weight loss patients is one of my favourite parts of being a naturopath, I love it!


Natural Weight Loss

Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard and shouldn’t be about following the latest fad advertised on television. Better results come from a sustainable, well-balanced diet with wholefoods.

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Weight Loss Treatment

Whether you want to lose 20 kilograms or 5 kilograms Naturopathy is a great avenue to achieve these goals and Claire has the experience and the resources to get the results you want.

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Sustainable Treatment

Claire is an experienced Naturopath and nutritionist, who specialises in sustainable weight loss. Contact Claire for a comprehensive and personalised treatment plan.

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