Male Fertility Treatment.

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You know the saying It takes two to tango? Well this is relevant in regards to fertility because male reproductive health has a significant impact on a couples ability to conceive. Many people think that women’s health is the primary focus when it comes to infertility, but the reality is it is a 50-50 ratio when it comes to natural fertility treatment. 

Male Fertiliy Treatment

Men have the advantage of have their reproductive organs externally, so when there is a problem, you can normally see it, however if the function is okay, that doesn’t mean that the substance is too. The health of the sperm is the primary focus with natural fertility treatment.

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Providing the body with nutrient dense foods has shown to improve the health of the sperm dramatically. What are nutrient dense foods? Whole foods that are unprocessed and unrefined. Fruits, vegetables, good quality organic animal protein, and healthy fats from nuts, seeds, fish, and foods like avocado. Ridding the body of excess sugar, preservatives, trans fats, and pesticide/hormone laden food will increase the health of the sperm significantly.


There are certain minerals and co-factors that have shown to increase the speed of the sperm (motility), the shape of the sperm (morphology), and the number of sperm (count). Keeping these three sperm parameters at their optimal enhances chances of conception, as well as a health pregnancy, and healthy baby. Minerals like selenium and zinc have shown to be crucial in sperm health, as well as Co-enzyme Q10. acquiring these supplements from Claire will ensure that they are the best quality, and at therapeutic doses.


Smoking (cigarettes and marijuana) has a negative effect on the motility and morphology of sperm. Studies have shown the the negative effects that both cigarette smoking and marijuana smoking can have on sperm. It is highly recommended that prior to conception both men and women cease smoking for 6-12 months. This will enhance the conception process, the pregnancy itself, and the health of the baby long term. Another positive outcome of smoking cessation is longer erection time. Smoking decreases peripheral circulation, this is one of the main contributors to erectile dysfunction.


It is no surprise that alcohol effects your senses. It decreases the speed of the sperm, making them lazy. So if your partner is already having difficulty conceiving due to an inverted uterus, or elevated vaginal pH, it is even more important that your sperm are strong and fast! You want them swimming like they’re in the olympics.

The best treatment for male fertility is an extended detox with herbal and nutritional medicine. This combined with a diet high in nutrient dense foods, and low in toxins like alcohol and smoking, will enhance your chances of conceiving.

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