Fertility Treatment with Claire Grullemans

When a happy couple come into my clinic with their beautiful little baby (that they were told for years would be near impossible to achieve), it brings me the most satisfaction out of anything in this world. To see the joy in their faces, and the smiling baby in front of me just makes my job so rewarding.

Natural fertility treatment can be incredibly challenging for the parents (and the practitioner) as it takes a lot of discipline, commitment, and emotional energy. My job is to encourage, motivate, and guide them with diet and lifestyle advice. There are often many factors at play with infertility, but once you know what they are you can support the body to its best ability to conceive naturally (or with IVF).

Natural Fertility Treatment

Natural fertility treatment can not only increase your chances of falling pregnant but also help create the healthiest baby possible.

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Male Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatment is for MEN and women. The health of the sperm can make a huge impact on the health of your baby and your chances of conceiving.

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IVF & Natural Fertility

Natural therapy is a successful complement to IVF treatment and can help to improve the health of the egg and sperm.

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I am always happy to have a confidential discussion about your health concerns or simply explain more about my consultation process or the benefits of naturopathy.

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