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How healthy do you feel?

Your body gives you signals when something is out of balance. It might be fatigue, carrying excess weight, regular headaches, unusual toilet habits, bloating, changeable moods, aches and pains, low libido, dry and brittle hair, pimples and skin irritations, or constant colds and flus, just to name a few.

This can occur when your diet is lacking many of the essential nutrients it needs to be healthy. When you see Claire she can help identify what is happening within your body. She will do a thorough dietary assessment, check your blood sugar metabolism, look at various liver markers, and possibly refer on for further testing if necessary.

Naturopathy is an effective and sustainable way to get your body back in balance.


Weight Loss

With her expertise in nutrition, claire can help men, women and families with a busy lifestyle reach goals in weight loss.

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Claire specialises in fertility treatment for both men and women, giving the best chance for pregnancy and IVF support.

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A naturopath focuses on treating the body holistically bringing it back to a state of wellbeing.

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Contact Claire to find out more information

I am always happy to have a confidential discussion about your health concerns or simply explain more about my consultation process or the benefits of naturopathy.

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Claire Grullemans - Naturopathy and Nutrition: Weight loss, fertility and wellness