How to make a Green Bowl

Green Bowl with Smoked Ocean Trout and Pickle

Making the prfect green bowl is easy! No need to fuss around for a nutrient dense meal, just follow these easy steps and enjoy the deliciousness of your home made super charged salad.

All you need for 3 bowls:

3 cups rocket

1.5 cups butter lettuce

1 large avocado

3 hard boiled eggs

12 asparagus spears

1 cucumber

1 small brown onion

1 bunch of radishes

1 carrot

large knob of ginger

2 tablespoons sesame seeds

4 tablespoons of mirin (or white wine vinegar)

Optional: 100gm smoked ocean trout or salmon

1 teaspoon olive oil

Japanese Ponzu sauce as dressing or Tamari

Step one:

Make your pickle: grate radishes, carrot, and ginger into a bowl, slice brown onion and combine. Then add in 3 tablespoons of mirin (keep 1 tablespoon for asparagus). Set aside and let it macerate while you prepare the rest of the meal.


Place sesame seeds into a dry fry pan and pan fry for 2 minutes or until golden. Take out of the pan and set aside to cool.

Step two:

Hard boil the eggs. Add eggs to simmering water and cook for 8-10 minutes.


Sautee the asparagus in shallow water in a fry pan for 8-10 minutes. Once the water evaporates, add the teaspoon of olive oil and set aside to cool.

Step three:

Wash rocket and lettuce and place in the bowl.

Cut the avocado in half, and peel the skin off, then slice into segments

Make ribbons out of cucumber. Peel the cucumber with a potato peeler and keep the peeler to get ribbons of cucumber, and set aside.

Step four:

Assemble your meal…

Lettuce and rocket into bowls

Add sliced avocado


Add sliced boiled egg


Add some asparagus

Add your cucumber ribbons

Place about 3 spoonfuls of your pickle

Then add a couple of pieces of smoked fish

Then garnish with your toasted sesame seeds


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