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For eight weeks Claire Grullemans took me on a healthy eating and living journey that facilitated the loss of a bit over 5 kilos, improved my complexion (not even a goal but nonetheless much appreciated!), and although hard to measure, helped clear some of the cobwebs finding corners in my 60+ year old brain!

Claire’s 8 week detox program was quite gentle, highly supportive, and very effective. Claire herself is very knowledgeable about nutrition and the digestive and immune systems (as well as other human body systems I’m quite sure!).

She supported me through the detox with supplements that made what I would have thought impossible, not only possible, but painless (give up coffee?!?). She was always readily available and answered my queries as they arose promptly and with good humour.
It is now up to me to continue the many good habits Claire helped instil in me during the detox. It has only been a few weeks, but I know I am making healthier food choices – eating delicious food (I DO love my food!) while still enjoying my coffee and wine, but perhaps in wiser quantities.
Thank you Claire!

Sally Maiden

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