Marko Mumlek.

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I was suffering from hayfever and sinus problems for many years. After numerous allergy tests and no answers from the conventional medicine I approached Claire in late 2013.

Chronic fatigue, severe sneezing and runny nose were my biggest issues that started impacting my work and social life.

Claire has worked with me on my allergy symptoms and helped me boost my energy levels. She has put me on a strict wholefoods diet with natural remedies and after 3 months the allergy symptoms have withdrawn completely.

I have never felt this great in my life.

I continue to see Claire as she is helping me with my next goal: putting on lean muscle and losing excess fat.

I am amazed by the results I am seeing. I have changed my diet completely and am in the best shape of my life.

Claire is passionate about natural therapy, very compassionate and easy to talk to. She is always friendly and approachable but also very professional. Claire has given me a lot of advice on wholefoods diet and natural remedies.

I cannot recommend Claire and her clinic highly enough.

– Marko Mumlek

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