Lisi Schappi.

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I was recommended to Claire by a friend because I suffered from severe exhaustion, digestive bloating, PMS, psoriasis and a number of other health issues. Claire quickly worked out that I had candida and put me on a 6 week cleanse. I cut out caffeine, alcohol, sugar, grains and most carbs. I’m in my fourth week and I’m absolutely thrilled with the change my body has experienced. I no longer feel exhausted or experience digestive bloating, the pimples on my forehead have disappeared, PMS cramps have reduced dramatically, my psoriasis is the best it’s been in years

AND I’ve lost a much needed 6cm from my waist. But most importantly, my mood has improved – I feel less stressed and generally happier. Thanks to Claire I now know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid if I want to stay feeling this way. I highly recommend Claire. She’s a lovely person, a great listener and clearly knows her stuff!

Lisi Schappi

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