Laurel, Ben & Baby Rosie.

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Claire was one of the first people we told that we were planning to start a family! Claire worked with me and my husband to do a preconception cleanse and preparation for the optimum chance of conceiving. After that, we conceived easily, and Claire guided me through the maze of what to eat and what not whilst pregnant, as well as lifestyle factors like exercise, to produce the healthiest baby possible. Nine months later we were blessed with a healthy and perfect little girl. If you want real results from a qualified, knowledgeable, approachable and friendly health professional, Claire ticks all the boxes. When so much depends on your health, you need to meet with someone who you feel confident and comfortable with so you can  work closely together to help you achieve your goals. I can’t thank Claire enough for assisting us in getting where we are today. Laurel, Ben and baby Rosie

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Claire Grullemans - Naturopathy and Nutrition: Weight loss, fertility and wellness