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My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 1 year and half when we have first met Claire.

Since the first day that we have met Claire, my husband and I have changed our lifestyle. Claire has set a up a plan for both of us in order to increase our chance to conceive based on an healthy diet, supplements and herbs. After a couple of months, we both noticed a massive change in how our bodies were reacting to the treatments and how amazing we felt.

After 6 months of purifying our bodies and thanks to Claire amazing support, kindness and professionalism, I am now four months pregnant and we are the happiest couple! On top of helping us on this long journey, Claire has also allowed our baby to grow up in a nice healthy cocoon.

We are now working on continuing this healthy path through my pregnancy and we will definitely continue after baby is here. Claire, I am so grateful to have you in our life and thank you for everything

Julia and Shane


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