Organic Meat

The food which we eat should be easy to digest, breakdown, and absorb all of the relevant nutrients. Eating organic food, in particular organic meat, is the best way to do this.


Why is organic meat so important?

Animals which have been pasture fed have been grazing in fields where the grass is literally greener. The grass hasn’t been sprayed with herbicides or fungicides, so natural weeds and the ecology (good bacteria) of the soil are unspoilt and good for the animals who are eating it. They will be getting more variety in their diet, and consuming small amounts of natural bacteria from the soil to improve their digestive function. So if a cow has a healthy digestive tract it will be assimilating more nutrients, so when we eat that piece of steak, we are getting ALL of the nutritional benefits from that cow’s healthy up-bringing.


What kind of nutrients do I get from organic animal meat?

Iron – essential for energy production, immune support, and enzyme production.

Zinc – essential for hormone regulation, immune function, and sperm health.

Omega 3 – essential for hormone synthesis, brain development and reducing inflammation.

Magnesium – essential for muscle relaxation, important for sleep cycles, and blood sugar regulation and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Chromium – essenital fro blood sugar regulation, weight regulation, and a healthy nervous system.

Vitamin B12 – essential for energy production, iron absorption, and regulating the body’s stress response.


Where can I buy organic meat in Sydney?

Hudson’s meats (Surry Hills, Cammeray, Mosman, and home delivery)

Feather and Bone (Marrickville and home delivery)

Grass Roots Urban Butchery (GRUB) (Vaucluse and home delivery)

Kingsley’s meats (Rose Bay)


Where is your favourite butcher?

Do you have a favourite pasture or grass fed butcher? Where do you get your organic meat from? I’m always on the look out for great producers of great food around Sydney and furthermore, Australia.

Please share it with us in the comments below.