Summer Transformation Packages

Summer is almost here and some of us have been in hibernation mode this winter! There is no need to be ashamed of keeping warm and toasty, but as the days get longer, summer draws nearer.

I am here to promote wellbeing and whole foods nutrition. To make it easy for you I have created two specialised packages to help you get motivated, fit, and healthy for summer. Dn’t leave it for your new years resolution- get summer ready!

8 Week Summer Transformation Package – $549

Do you want to lose weight for summer?! Feel strong and healthy as you gradually lose kilos and centimetres off your waist line. This whole foods nutritional program is designed to help you create life-long habits to ensure you lose excess body fat, and improve your energy, fertility, and overall wellbeing.


1 hour naturopathic appointment with specialist naturopath Claire Grullemans
Weekly 30 minute appointments for 7 consecutive weeks to ensure you stay on track
A personalised treatment protocol which will have tailored advice to you as an individual (no cookie cutter diets here)!
8 weeks of unrivalled client focus including regular emails and sms check-ins

3 Week Summer Cleanse Package – $399

Improve your digestive function and increase energy levels with this specialised cleanse program. The aim for this cleanse is to help identify and regulate any Dysbiosis in your gut by a trained naturopath and nutritionist with experience in this field.

No more bloating, constipation, diarrhoea,gas, fatigue, foggy head, or sugar cravings. It’s time to get your gut healthy, and keep it healthy!


1 hour naturopathic consultation with specialist naturopath Claire Grullemans
Two thirty minute follow-up consultations to help guide through the cleanse process and keep and eye on any changes you may experience while detoxifying.
Whole-life vitality cleanse information pack filled with recipes, detoxing aids, and useful tips
3 week meal planner to assist with keeping you on track

All supplements included!