New Years Resolutions

2013 has begun and it’s time to start setting some goals!
My goals for this year include expanding my business, toning and shaping, increasing my meditation to at least two times per week, learn spanish, and the simplest is taking better care of my hair (a bit vain, but true).

Every year I encourage patients to write them down, and put them up some where they are likely to be seen: the bathroom mirror, the fridge, or screensaver on your computer.

The next thing to do is keep them simple. There is no point in doing something too outrageous as you will be less likely to keep it.

Make them diverse:
1. Health
2. Family/friends/community
3. Finances
4. Creativity
5. Random/exciting


Do you have any goals you would like to share? It might be a good way to check back on them and see how you are going with them.

No goal is too silly or too small. It’s a completely individual task.