How More Sex Can Increase Your Fertility


A prescription from your Naturopath


It may not come as a surprise to you that having sex should help you fall pregnant. But how often? When is the right time? Should you wait until you ovulate? These questions are very rational ones which I hear regularly in my Double Bay clinic.


Having sex is enjoyable, it feels good, it is a natural human act, as natural as eating or sleeping. So don’t be embarrassed to discuss it with your health professional.

One of the first things I cover with my fertility patients is the topic of sex, after all, this is still the primary way babies are conceived.


Why does regular sex increase the chances of conceiving naturally?

Regular sex helps to reduce one of our major stress hormones called cortisol. This is because we release more of a happy feel-good hormone called oxytocin. With the reduction of cortisol women have a better chance of regulating their fertility hormones around the time of ovulation. A great example of this is when people have been trying for months and months to have a baby, and then they go on a holiday, then when they return home they are welcomed with the surprise of being pregnant. The act of relaxation, and regular sex will decrease cortisol, increase oxytocin, and this equation allows for a natural conception in many cases.


Should we wait until I ovulate before having sex?

No. Having regular sex throughout the month is important for your hormones and your brain to sync up. The message that your body is telling your brain is “we want to have a baby”! If you have an irregular menstrual cycle or don’t know when you ovulate speak to your GP or Naturopath to help you learn more about your cycle. Once you have been having sex 3 or 4 times per week (this may be more than your regular sexual activity or maybe it is less) for 3 months, your body and brain should be syncing up to understand that you are trying to have a baby. It is also great for sperm health! Increasing the number of sperm, and when partnered with clean eating, improving the quality of sperm too.


Once this pattern is established then you can start to look at your monthly cycle to see when you should be ovulating, and making sure that you are having sex at least once or twice within 48 hours of ovulation.


So the punch line here is don’t be afraid to get busy on a regular basis. Enjoy yourselves and get that oxytocin flowing…