Join the many clients who have had their health transformed with Naturopathy

Initial Consult

$180 per consult
    • Initial Consultation (1hr)
    • In-Depth Case History
    • Personalised Treatment Plan
    • Prescription Sheet
    • Recommended Dietary Changes
    • Access to Premium Supplements
    • Claim on All Health Funds

Return Consult

$110 per consult
    • Return Consultation (40 mins)
    • Functional Diagnostic Testing
    • Effective Treatment
    • Unrivalled Client Care
    • No Unnecessary Appointments
    • Sustainable results
    • Claim on all health funds

8 Week Weight loss Package

$760 Package
    • 8 consecutive consultations (30 mins)
    • Individualised meal plan
    • Identification of further testing
    • Effective treatment with visible results
    • 24/7 email and text support
    • Sustainable results
    • Claim on all health funds


How many appointments do I need?

This is a great question, but in all honesty it varies from person to person, depending on your goals, your history, and in what time frameĀ you are trying to see results. Commonly weekly or fortnightly appointments are recommended for the
first two months.

Skype Appointments

Claire offers Skype appointments for those who live outside of Sydney. Although it is always preferable to see clients in person, claire has had success with Skype consults. Please contact Claire for more information.

Workers Compensation

Claire also sees patients under workers compensation. Ask your General practitioner or specialist doctor to write to your insurer requesting your nutrition/naturopathic appointments be covered by workers compensation. Once approval has been received by Claire your appointments can be made.

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