Weight Loss

With her expertise in nutrition, Claire can help men, women and families with a busy lifestyle reach goals in weight loss.

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Claire specialises in fertility treatment for both men and women, giving the best chance for pregnancy and IVF support.

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Claire focuses on treating the body holistically bringing it back to a state of wellbeing.

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Why Choose Claire?

With over 12 years industry experience, Claire has the skills and knowledge to look after all of your health needs. She has worked with some of Sydney’s best practitioners including Dr. Giselle Cooke, Dr. Charlotte Johnstone and fertility expert Gabriela Rosa. You know you are getting quality advice when you see how she works.
Doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and personal trainers recommend Claire to their patients and clients because they know they can trust her level of professionalism and that the patient will get good results.
Relevant testing can be done for you on the spot during your appointment and if further testing is required the clinic has referral capabilities with many specialists and medical professionals. This means the most up to date and medically approved tests are available to you.
Claire only works with clients for whom she can make a difference. No unnecessary and costly consultations.
Your health is Claire’s priority. Each patient is cared for by tailoring a program that is right for you. No unnecessary supplements or fad diets! Claire works with a whole foods naturopathic diet to make sure her patients can sustain their results long term.
You talk, she listens. There is a high level of interaction required in each appointment. This means all of your needs are met and you won’t leave without a strategy for achieving your health goals.
Claire also works as a lung technician and has experience with blood analysis. Part of being a great practitioner requires you to maintain a high standard of continuing professional education which Claire completes by attending seminars, writing articles and educating groups on healthy eating.
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Claire Grullemans - Naturopathy and Nutrition: Weight loss, fertility and wellness